Organization of procurement procedures
A whole system of  the competitions /procurement/ in the territory of Republic of Armenia
Great and various packages for the state, private and public organizations,
as well as physical individuals' competitions /procurements/ Services
Organizing procurement process for state sector organizations


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In this section of the site you can learn about  the activities of EG Procurement Ltd, it’s news and announcements.

This site is a whole  system of procurement competitions.

EG procurement company offers individuals and private companies.

  1. Coordinated services for procurement competitions/tenders/
  2. Services for participation in procurement competitions

The service of organization of procurement is organized and held by <<EG Procurement>> formed procurement competitions and held through regulations arranged by the EG Procurement, which gives an opportunity.

  • To the organization to achieve necessary goods, work and services on competitive basis and prices.
  • To enhance the scope of members in the competition and encourage rivalry between them.
  • To arrange competitions by common rules, to be competitive and open, to be public and on non-discrimination basis.
  • An opportunity for an appropriate response to fluctuation of market prices during the process of the contract.

Taking advantage of the opportunity , you will provide  significant savings  during the process of procurement though needed goods, work and services will be enhanced by competitive conditions and prices.

The participation service of competitions  include.

  • Preparing packages for application of purchase, preparing packages for competitions and provides participation to the competitions.
  • Representation of interests, participation of the evaluation committee meetings and representing the interests of the organization.
  • Registration of framework agreements.
  • Electronic purchases, registration and providing participation.
  • Advisory of appellation by supporting during the process of appellating, preparations of documents by giving professional advice and representing interests in the Procurement committee of attorney and courts on the basis of the relevant authorization .

This service enables  you to refrain from legislation and  possible violations of internal regulations to increase your chance  to win in the competitions.

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