Organization of procurement procedures
A whole system of  the competitions /procurement/ in the territory of Republic of Armenia
Great and various packages for the state, private and public organizations,
as well as physical individuals' competitions /procurements/ Services
Organizing procurement process for state sector organizations

About us

” EG Procurement”  LLC  founded in 2011 and the date of foundation provides a variety of services to public, private and public sector organizations in coordinating the procurement process / tender /, particularly

  • for public sector organizations provided by law for procurement coordinator and consulting services for companies in different regions of the Republic of Armenia;
  • Of public and private sector organizations for participating the procurement process, preparation of various procedures, documents, packages and the protection the interests of the organization, consultative and other services.

During the years, gaining a lot of experience and skills, Ltd has invested in the competitions a system through which afforded an opportunity to be informed about the Republic of Armenia competitions / tenders /. This system will allow you successfully participate in any competition, providing protection for all your organization’s processes.

“EG Procurement” LLC are entrusted with a number of both public and private organizations and participation in the procurement process functions, whose number is steadily growing.

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